Netra – Eye For The Visually Impaired



Conceived idea of “Netra – Eye for The Blind” project during my second year of undergraduate engineering studies. Idea was based on “Echolocation” principle used by BATs for navigation.

Epiphany (=Innovation):

Idea was inspired by BATs and how they navigate using sound. Concept was to find solution to human problems from other species.


Facts: Netra is Sanskrit word for eye


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With this project I tried to translate inspiration from nature to augment human weakness.For this project I won appreciation in form of first prize in various competitions.

Device currently uses Arduino Micro, Ping))) Ultrasonic sensor and vibrating motor. Micro-controller is used to measure the distance of the forth coming object by measuring time of flight of Ultrasonic waves emitted by Ping sensor. Depending on the distance, controller changes the vibration of the vibrating motors. Hence, if the distance is decreasing vibration of the motor increases and if distance increases vibration decreases.


Nothing is more joyful than seeing your creation being used by people who really need it. I build Netra for individuals (includes 19 years college students) with Retinal Pigmentosa Disorder. Vibrating motor is attached with the device which vibrates faster if the distance between the obstacle and device decreases and vibration dampens as distance increases.

Design Details: